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The firm Mooknet was formed in 2003 because I envisioned a need for my customers, that was not just providing the IT solutions but providing it with peace of mind, trust and comfort making them feel that they are in good hands!

Our ultimate goal has always been to provide our customers the best solution that fits their needs and pockets bundled with education so they understand technology in lay man’s terms.

By far, every customer we have serviced holds very high regard for our service.

IT Consulting and Legal firms Services

Why do people go to the doctors for regular checkups and why is it important? You can eat healthy, exercise, self-check and avoid a dr’s visit for a while. Then the unexpected happens and you hear why you didn’t regularly see a Doctor. Body needs monitoring, health checks, expert advice and maintenance from a medical professional.

Your network is very similar. It has moving parts, aging parts, moreover, it has parts where security is constantly in the need of monitoring. It requires health checks, proper maintenance, upgrades, well tested and monitored backups. Without these and an expert advice from an experienced individual the health falls apart and sometimes can be too late to avoid disaster or downtime. This is what a good IT Consultant does. We like to keep a good check on all components of a network, hardware software, Virus Protection, hacker’s intrusion blocks.

The old classic Book Zen and the art of the motorcycle maintenance explains how the two people maintain their life’s differently. One guy takes good care of his Motorcycle, but the other waits for it to be in need of repairs.

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