Law Firms

Legal firms have specific needs. Their Data needs more compliancy and redundancy than many other industries. They also depend on data that is hosted in SQL Databases and others. Lexus Nexus, Westlaw, Sage are a few companies that have been developing applications such as Time Matters, Time Slips, PCLaw and more, on a large scale for Legal firms. Others are Worldox, Hot-docs, Leap, Accutrac, Escrow, Number Cruncher, FAS, many eDiscovery platforms including Westlaw, Concord and more. Understanding and supporting these applications and platforms on technical level requires experience of years. Word Perfect alone is still a long favorite of law firms. The understanding of the templates and macros, printing with proper typefaces and kerning are still considered valuable information. I have worked in such environments since 1990s. The security for the data, the emails, the retention of backups, the need for metadata to be intact are just a small part of working in IT for a law firm. Most of the law firms also deal with large trust accounts whose information needs to be very well secured from easy access.
IT Consulting and Legal firms Services
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These companies have needs that are vastly different than many other industries. They hold various departments that require integration of their information. Their data tends to be accumulatively large and duplicate yet sensitive to their needs for years of storage. Many have ERP applications that need understanding of a front end and a back end consisting of Database of modern or legacy nature such as SQL, Firebird, Oracle etc. They tend to have multi sites, small and big, that demands inter site connections that are seamless to remote sites on either ends. Some are international and most are nationally widespread. Their mobile user security requires Encrypted hardware, GDP compliance. Managing their information with on premises or cloud base solutions and providing continuity of service in disasters such as Power down, Internet down or a Ransomware infection requires experience to act fast and with preparation to bring them back in production with minimum downtime. Our expertise excels in such field and times.

Medical Practices

Most of these companies need high continuity, wide variety of medical applications, interfaces. Their data is scattered amongst many vendors providing the medical base solutions for their type of medical practice. Lots of them depend on some legacy fax server as most medical providers still use Fax as their verification process. They cannot face a down time as their patient’s are seldom in critical need of care and checkups. My firm has worked in this environment to collect a skillset that suits such companies best.

Remote Access, Remote Scanning and Printing, VPN

Pandemic has changed our world of operations. Remote access used to be based on Geographical needs. Today it has become a necessity with seamless access to network resources just like you were at work onsite. All of our client have been operating from home at 70% capacity, 30% being onsite as they desire to do so. The remote access has to be provided with encrypted data, multi factor authentication, their home nodes security, full
Zoom, Teams.

  • Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, Remote user security, encryption.
  • Tracking and monitoring software.
  • AEM Backups, Veeam, Datto Sharepoint Library and Sites
  • Office 365 Migrations, from Novell Groupwise, From On-Premise Exchange, From the Google Suite, from one domain to another for mergers, From one Office 365 tenant to another office 365 tenant.
  • Novell and Groupwise support available with resourced partners help
  • Syteline Support available with resourced partners help
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